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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

windy day

i think that the wind and rain are good companion.  they are here again
since last night and making everything dark grey here but i should be
happy for my plants that they are getting plenty of unlimited natural
water all day long.  having lazy day off breakfast.  coffee and
dried fruits bread with strawberry jam on it.  the color stripe knitting
i am doing at the moment is getting fun as it get's colorful as it progess.
while i knit one line, i think of what color to goes next.  this one is
going to be my sunshine-like cheerful knit.  while i hold the sticks, i am
dreming of tuscun summer with lots of bright flowers in holizontal field

enjoying "tasha's successful garden"


  1. hi coco,I am drinking my morning tea & putting my cup on the lovely coaster you sent me & at the same time looking at your photo of your coffee on your coaster.... I think I would like some strawberry jam too!

    Love Tasha Tudor !!!!

  2. I have a Tasha Tudor book too :). I really love her house and her little corgie dogs.