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Saturday, June 30, 2012

last day of june

rain outside.  sit on the sofa on the top floor at
work and using part of my lunch time hour 
stitching.  rain and polka dot seems to go
well together. 

hard to think this is the last day of the 
month and half of the year is gone.  

Friday, June 29, 2012

morning luxury

undisturbed morning hour, i enjoy this jar full 
of honey from far away friend.  pure taste on 
white and dark bread.   just toasts and honey and 
coffee but i consider that was a good breakfast

Thursday, June 28, 2012

windy day

feel like i am living in a yarn world.  trying to
finish the crochet bag...but contemplating how
tall the bag should be.  maybe little more
to make round tote.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

late night snack

it's been a crazily busy days at work.  came home with exhaustion.
took a short nap and got up, had a cup of coffee and ice cream.
slept some more and got up again late night.  more coffee
and sweet snack.....and stitched some.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


some pink and red flower in the garden are 
enlightening my spirits.  as well as blue morning glory.
soon pink morning one will cover my 
window like last year...soon.

today, i ordered some colorful fabric.  lots of 
floral and natural linen.  i am thinking about
stitching wild pink flower garden

flower stitched pouch

☀ blue sky this morning. 

some new item in my shop here

Monday, June 25, 2012

a day

day off.  i used all day productively.  went out to window shopping...
brought good looking dessert and grain and raisin loaf.  
found lots of good length of tree branches and used in the 
garden for morning glory and cardiospermum vine support.  
and of course, laundry and cleaning, had coffee time with 
sweet.  lately, whenever i have spare time, i have been doing
stitches for flowery things.  this is really good for my soul.  
while i am making each stitches, my mind is content and 
so relaxing.   and to see the outcome after having peaceful
moment on the sofa or wooden floor is so great.  
i made few things today and i will try to photograph 
if the weather is good and will be in my shop tomorrow.

tips for growing cardiospermum

those of you who are growing cardiospermum in your garden,
to promote the growth, here is the tip.  mine is growing very slowly.  
as i pinch off the new baby sprout coming out between the
branches, they are now making flower and more buds.  
after this flower, soon, there will be a balloon formed in it.  

so you can pinch off the small sprout like i did, 
it will promote the upward growth and flower as well.  
and once the plant is 20-30cm tall, they 
need a support for vine.  

i hope your cardiospermum is doing well in your garden
and make flower and balloon soon.  

avocado sandwich

so glad to be off today.  woke up with quiet sound of rain.
this morning.  i bought some fresh mushroom after work 
last night.   avo... i haven't had avocado breakfast for 
a while.  sauteed mushroom and avocado sandwich.  
one of favorite breakfast recipes.
feel good to have something favorite this morning.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

when the sun comes back

there is a good day even during the long rainy season
sunshine really makes the whole world awake

Thursday, June 21, 2012

rainy day

i often hear rain drops these days
even this morning, rain hitting my window
i took a peak through and made sure my plants are ok
as long as the wind is soft, they seem rather happy
having unlimited water....
it save my watering business and gives me time to
prepare my lunch 

i put some left over fried noodle, fried egg,
mini tomatoes, one fried chicken i bought at the store
last night.............
i love fried food ☺
this is my lunch menu and grilled cod roe, one of my favorite

i was on my feet for straight four hours today...
really tired now
i will now have cup of tea and treat my tired feet with
aroma oil to massage before laying down

small drops of rain  ....
dripping on my living room window currently

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


i made my first sell on my shop and shipped them today.  
thank you so much.  what a nice feeling.  
in the evening, after coming back from dentist, i stopped by grocery store.
as soon as i got home, i dropped plastic case-full of eggs on the kitchen 
floor and made a big mess.  now it's laundry time. 
out of 10, four eggs survived without any crack. 
lucky me. 

as various ideas come all at once, i bought some new
fabric today and working on multiple project.
this is one of them.  triple linen yarn crochet in stripe.  

quiet morning

typhoon #4 left to the north, #5 is on the way here
in 2days.   working on new project for my shop.
ideas pop in these days.  will do some sewing today. 
still very dark grey morning but gladly my plants
are here with me in a calm place.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


i do love summer but it is typhoon season
two typhoon are on the way now

Monday, June 18, 2012

ordinary day

so worn pajama i had many years.  put a floral patch
on the left buttock.  whether it's good or not, i keep old things
and those are more comfy than new one.  

i like simple cooking and taste of it.  vege taste so good
when not added too much seasoning.  some dried diakon, sauteed
in olive oil till get brown and sprinkled salt.  my favorite.  

after posting my pink seed wish, i have received many seeds
in a mail.  there are so many creative people around and 
they are my great inspiration.   thanks for the adoreble
seed pack.  

i have to learn lot of new things about my etsy shop
and i will do so little bit at a time...

but this blog space is my most favorite comfy place
that i like to continue sharing my love of photography and thoughts. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

my etsy shop

i am excited to open my own shop as this was one of my 
dreams i had in mind for a long time.  excited but at the same time
nervousness comes too

as long as i make my handmade with love and care, i think people might 
accept my product as a result of my wild imagination.  

the whole process of opening etsy online was not easy because of
my non computer mind...i struggled and so many times, i gave up and 
took a long break. but thanks to my blog readers.   i've received many 
encouragement throughout the period.  here, i am now
happy to announce you 
my shop is open today.  hope you enjoy visiting my shop.

thanks for your support on my little space 


forgot the name of this plant

glad to have some pink in my balcony

cardiospermum today
getting taller little bit at a time
slow progress

new project in hand today