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Thursday, June 7, 2012

tea and candle

whether to rain or just to stay grey all day 
the sky is in the mood for being moody these days. 
my sister gave me can of fresh green tea and showed me
how to make the most delicious tea, so i am enjoying it 
i learned that i should listen to others sometimes which makes
the world of difference.  as she said the tea was so delicious.  

many month ago, friend send me this wonderful 
handmade candle and i just love the way it looks
and the fragrance very much.   enjoying it and 
at the same time, i am wish it never runs out...

you can now peak through updated 
last few days post

i thank you for your continuous support


  1. Ummm! Sounds good and i almost "smell" the fragance of that delicious tea. Candle light makes a delicate atmosphere, beautiful pics.

  2. coco u r awesome. thanks for your incredible blog.
    it's definitely my favorite!!

  3. it does look like a delicious brew
    (+ perfect for dropping a few rose petals in, too ;
    so beautifully calm, the photo with the candle
    thank you,Coco