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Monday, June 4, 2012


several days before birthday, i have received 
many packages from my friends.  some seeds, 
the most charming book from a dear friend, 
beautiful letters and messages.

the day of my birthday, i didn't need a big thing.  
my heart was content.  
of course, i have lots of things i would so love to have
in my life, like house with garden and chickens
running through and making me smile.  
but for now, i keep this dream as my fantasy. 

it was just peaceful and relaxing day 
that is all i wished for 


  1. Coco, maybe is late, but...Happy birthday!! Hundred of this days and i wish you all the best. Blessings!

  2. Happy belated, Coco! It sounds like you had a lovely birthday. How wonderful you have a garden and chickens, too!

  3. many happy returns of the day dear coco! so glad to know it was a serene day for you. and I wish you chickens in a large garden, many,different colours )

  4. so sorry i was on a break and didn't know :(
    next year i'll make sure i'll be there to greet your special day
    i hope you had a wonderful day and i'm glad you had so much joy & love in the mail