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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


can't upload photo again. 
do anyone know how to solve
this problem??


  1. sorry, I can´t help you :(
    Did you see my email on Sunday?

  2. hi coco,

    maybe you've used your total upload limit ? that is also the reason why I use flickr so i can upload photos from flickr on to my blog.

  3. Try seeing if you have popup blocker turned on Coco.

  4. Hi Coco, sometimes blogger is doing changes and its takes a little time in the day. You just have to wait or write blogger assitance if the problem persist. Belive me, it happens often, but most of the times not over 24 hours. Hugs.

  5. blogger never answers. but yes i've had this problem quite a few times in may & april and never found out why or where it came from. i had to try again again to upload and it would work after 2 or 3 times... i hope it works well now