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Thursday, June 21, 2012

rainy day

i often hear rain drops these days
even this morning, rain hitting my window
i took a peak through and made sure my plants are ok
as long as the wind is soft, they seem rather happy
having unlimited water....
it save my watering business and gives me time to
prepare my lunch 

i put some left over fried noodle, fried egg,
mini tomatoes, one fried chicken i bought at the store
last night.............
i love fried food ☺
this is my lunch menu and grilled cod roe, one of my favorite

i was on my feet for straight four hours today...
really tired now
i will now have cup of tea and treat my tired feet with
aroma oil to massage before laying down

small drops of rain  ....
dripping on my living room window currently

1 comment:

  1. Here it is shining all the time.I sent to you some sun :)
    and be well