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Saturday, June 2, 2012

bonsai world and country cafe

something i wanted to share.
this is one of the most beautiful places.  lots of 
mini bonsai like plants in the pots and good lunch 
at country cafe where my family 
took me for birthday lunch 

about an hour drive on highway, 
we finally got to country side cafe 

i think they must be growing mashroom
perhaps shiitake mashroom
lots of unique and beautiful bonsai art

this subtle display was so adoreble

i think these are custom made stone pots
for plants

wonderful mini bonsai forest.
by over looking this pot made me feel 
like i am the big giant looking down

lunch was more than beautiful and wonderful 
in taste and the way they decorated
peaceful and tasty lunch at one of the 
nicest place made my heart so warm 
for upcoming birthday

another mini bonsai in the bathroom


  1. Hello dear friend! This is a wonderful post! Lovey place, is a dream, i have no words to explane my sensations when i see this pics... just: Wow!! Beautiful!! Thanks!! ^_^

  2. the sort of place i imagine myself working in . . .green + peaceful )