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Monday, June 25, 2012

a day

day off.  i used all day productively.  went out to window shopping...
brought good looking dessert and grain and raisin loaf.  
found lots of good length of tree branches and used in the 
garden for morning glory and cardiospermum vine support.  
and of course, laundry and cleaning, had coffee time with 
sweet.  lately, whenever i have spare time, i have been doing
stitches for flowery things.  this is really good for my soul.  
while i am making each stitches, my mind is content and 
so relaxing.   and to see the outcome after having peaceful
moment on the sofa or wooden floor is so great.  
i made few things today and i will try to photograph 
if the weather is good and will be in my shop tomorrow.

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