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Saturday, June 9, 2012


one of friends send me seed to eat
i ate some and sowed some in pots to experiment if they 
ever grow in a little garden 
in the beginning of this month, they started blooming 
tiny pale blue in potted garden 

my very first flax flower seen in my life


  1. This flaxs are so beautiful, Coco.
    Hope mine will have the same success!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh flax, the prettiest blue eyes in the plant world. :)

  3. so so glad they were successful (you have a green thumb. definitely !) and such a beautiful close-up on these blue fowers that make my eyes wet with a little emotion !
    i wish one day i can spot a whole field somewhere and send you the photo !
    ps : thank you, you make my day xo

    1. i really enjoyed the seed you sent me.
      it was such a great feeling to see them grow and especially wonderful
      when bloomed. i watched them all day long, getting in and out of garden
      like crazy