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Thursday, June 14, 2012

joy in the garden

buckwheat flower in full bloom and they will produce seed soon.
pansy sprout from the fallen seeds, nice to see fresh young one after
most of original pansy has died or eaten by the insects.
finding fresh fruits in my own garden is the most joyful 
thing for summer garden.  

i am not excited about showing my chunky hands ever on 
this space.  but this is me..true me, and this hand like to 
creats things and enjoy taking photos for this small space.  

i hope you are having fun in your garden today


  1. raspberries in your garden -
    so happy for you coco !

  2. this is a cheerful sight for sure !
    shadow means there's some sun and sun has been missing so over here !
    i have no doubt you did enjoy your raspberry harvest :)