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Friday, June 1, 2012


today, i worked half a day and it was very hectic day.  but some delivery from
postman and seeing pink in the meadow eased my fatigue and made it feel
like real good day.  now, i am sitting home opening the package and
enjoying reading letters while evening sun shines on west end. 
nmm.  june is here already.  my favorite month and my birthday month. 
i am going to enjoy fully this month. 
thank you for your letters and thoughtful presents. 
it really made my day. 

the other surprise i had today was someone worked so hard
to find the way to contact me and send me an email.   what a joy
to hear such thing and i am so greatful for nice visiters for this
blog.  i am now posting my email address for whoever
like to contact or say hello anytime. 

thank you for the good day


  1. Glad you had a good day Coco. Those sweet peas are such a nice shade of pink.

  2. a delicate,l pink-blushing start to summer -
    and your shoes must be the most beautiful i have ever seen !


    1. thankyou. my favorite one at the moment.

  3. Coco, wasn't it your birthday yesterday? I wish you all the best for it!

    1. thank you, yes it was.
      trying to update my post but blogger is not
      working well for some reason.

  4. I also have problems with blogger recently, also it does not show me my followers anymore..