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Friday, June 8, 2012

old linen dress

my biggest enemy around this season is the little caterpillar.
i despise them and although i love time in the garden, they 
reduce my passion for gardening tremendously.....and
lately, i spend lots of time fighting with them.  lucky me.  so far, 
i have been the winner for this fight but sometimes,
when i see large one, i run back into the house and 
contemplate how to defeat them.  sometimes, i go get 
the help of brave young man (my nephew☺) for help.   he doesn't 
seem to be mind being lelied on at such a young age and 
i never missed his honorable look on his face.  

today, i noticed that my calender was still may.  
coincidentally, there is a photo of flax on june page.  
what a surprise which stated blooming in my balcony garden
since several days ago.  pretty petite blue flowers. 

do you have your favorite one piece that you can no longer wear but
you can't let it go?  i had this black linen dress many many years ago
because i fell in love with the feminine look of this neck line.  
it is now out of style but i couldn't let it go and kept it 
in my closet for a long time.  now i got it out and washed
and dried and i tried it on again.  ....
here comes pleasant surprise which i didn't expected.  
i can still fit in after many years.  i think i am going to enjoy 
wearing this again this summer.  

rainy june days are here now


  1. Yes, i have 2 pieces too, and you made me smile when i readed that you can fit still in it, because for me is not the same thingh! I have two beautiful jakets in pink little squares and the other one in roses, but both of them are there in my closet waiting for me, hehehehe. I think i have to give them someone, cause i have some diet problems, hehehee.
    I love the little blue flower linen and the real flower too. Hugs.

  2. No such thing out of style, depends how you wear it and with what. I still wear pieces from years ago. You should wear it!!

  3. i have this blue
    soft long-sleeved shirt
    from my 5th grade and
    i love it so much still
    put it on when go visiting
    my parents.
    it brings to me
    sunny days, memories
    of my art school i went to


  4. A deep pink dress with little blue roses on it. I'll never let it go, no matter how worn it gets.

  5. i have too many old clothes i can't part with... each of them reminds me of a special time or occasion of my life.... i'm too sentimental !