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Monday, June 18, 2012

ordinary day

so worn pajama i had many years.  put a floral patch
on the left buttock.  whether it's good or not, i keep old things
and those are more comfy than new one.  

i like simple cooking and taste of it.  vege taste so good
when not added too much seasoning.  some dried diakon, sauteed
in olive oil till get brown and sprinkled salt.  my favorite.  

after posting my pink seed wish, i have received many seeds
in a mail.  there are so many creative people around and 
they are my great inspiration.   thanks for the adoreble
seed pack.  

i have to learn lot of new things about my etsy shop
and i will do so little bit at a time...

but this blog space is my most favorite comfy place
that i like to continue sharing my love of photography and thoughts. 


  1. oh dear. i can't get over that during my internet break i seemed to have missed your birthday :(
    have i ?

    1. don't worry. i am still here☺