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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

pancake story

craving storm hit all of the sudden.  just before i was getting ready to
lay down last night, pancake appeared in my head.  would i make
pancake now or wait till morning.   it wasn't a hard decision 
which gives me something to look forward to in the morning 
when getting up.  but i made sure all the ingredients are in my fridge.  
pancake mix, egg, milk.....
!  don't have milk.  but i have soymilk  
i will try soy pancake.  good to go now.

one small round soy pancake.  i had it with strawberry jam
i bought not too long ago which was sitting on the window sill 
waiting for her turn to be on breakfast table.  

wait till morning and hot soy panckake was 
very good.  
"another small round one please, shef" 

what's for breakfast on your table this morning


  1. It´s looks so yummi! We love pancakes here some mondays with nutella or fruit jams. Enjoy!

  2. Well now it's going to be a pancake for sure after reading this. Maybe I'll snag some more wild strawberries and make pancakes with those.

  3. i like how you display/photograph food scenes !