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Monday, July 30, 2012

evening garden and lemon basil

i remember chicken burger & avocado goes 
very well together and i liked it.  
tried from my old memory.  

although there are lots of mosquito waiting outside,
evening garden is great and finding lots of pleasure.  many weeks ago, 
i sowed lots of seed from all the friends, some didn't survive
this humid environment but after so many weeks, some are still
here with me and it is great to see them survived.  i am so
grateful.  harvested some lemon basil merruli sent me.  
it smells heavenly lemon fragrance basil.  love the smell. 
with this beautiful leaves, i made salsa this evening.  

homemade salsa with lemon basil 

fresh salsa on chicken burger

thanks for stoppin by my shop 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

beautiful stone

beautiful stone enclosed in a envelope

let them soak up the sunlight and moonlight
keep one in the garden
one near the pillow
one in pocket
to bring luck and positive energy
she said
so beautiful.....

just looking at them makes me smile
thanks renee

Saturday, July 28, 2012


nmmm, it was too hot.  35here today.....but felt like 40℃ though. 
spent time in the morning garden, sowed lots of pink flower seed
from friends.  heat is so strong, half of my mind has melted........
but i now have new sprout in a week or two, hopefully.

to fight the summer heat, i needed something really meaty 
supper.  made sweet&sour pork.  lately, i have been making 
iced tea with lady grey.  don't know why they call it 
lady grey.  i also like earl grey too.   lots of zucchini dried this 
afternoon.  buckwheat stem trimmed and seed left in the 
airy basket for future use.   
how is your summer days?

Friday, July 27, 2012

good walk

meeting is over and i am so glad.  although
i was tired, i walked back instead of taking bus
on the way home to freshen up my mind.
good to be in open space.  this is the scene i usually
see coming home from town.
what kind of day did you have...
hope everyone is doing well

Thursday, July 26, 2012

treating yourself

sometime i treat myself with pretty lingerie
used like sporty one but now i prefer
more feminine design with the pretty lace on it
no matter how old you are 
it gives you  positive sunshine energy ♡

i have been so lucky to have so many seeds from 
around the world.  i wasn't sure if it was good time
to sow during the middle of hot season, but couldn't 
wait, tried some.   j's ipomopsis rubra
sprout, they will soon be moved to bigger pot

some kind of pink flower(forgot the name) from alicia
sprouting here too

thanks both of you
soon i will have pink and red flower here ♪

gathering more seed

it's been so hot dayszzzz here.  got hat on, jumped outside
to gather more seed.  once i started collecting some seed,
i now feel that i have an obsession to collect any kind of seed
which can be preserved for next season or for other people.  

tomorrow, i have to attend work conference, sit in a small 
room all day long, no visit to open space.  without being able 
to run to outdoor space and confined in a building long hours 
makes me crazy.   i hope i won't get too crazy through. 

in addition to pink and purple morning glory,
this blue white keeps me entertain 
these days.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

crape myrtle


i like crape myrtle.  the tree stands in the middle of the garden
at work.   it is created as a sky garden, but sadly, no one
seems to be interested in.  but it is okay for me as i can use
the whole garden space as tranquil place.  i often sit on the 
bench, sip ice tea during the break, take a deep breath while
sun shines so high and the trees and flowers smiling to each other.  
i look up the sky and begin day dream for few minutes before 
i go back to afternoon shift. 

the day before yesterday, i asked one of my coworker who also
love gardening if she like to join tidying up the crowded 
garden.  the space where the several herbs planted so 
close to each other, now over grown and lavender is squeezed,
has no space to grow.  the fast grown herb has invaded too much 
space for herself only.    i thought they all need a decent space 
to breath comfortably and stretch their arms and legs. 
so, we said "let's do it for 10minutes".  but you know how it goes if you 
like working in the garden.  we trimmed lots of over grown leaves
which gave them good amount of space.  
of course it went over ten minutes but felt good.
always feel so good to work in the green garden !

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


when finding some fabric i like, i like to preserve
and enjoy the design in simple way.  one way for 
me to do is to make little handkerchief.   whether 
wrapping lunch box or just carry in my purse for 
travel companion at a time.  this is one of quiet
tone of handkerchief i made few days ago and
my easy lunch i took to work today.  

one tiny strawberry harvested this morning from 
my balcony garden.  it is still producing some small

Monday, July 23, 2012

like a fairy tale....

almost passed out last night while i was at
hot spring.  so, today i spent most of morning laying down.
some energy came back after while.   
i was planing on finishing up some sewing but didn't.  
nice to see the sun and shade while
i rest here. 
hot day...

 the beautiful book i thought of having for a while
couldn't resist any longer
fairy tale like garden ideas and chickens
and ducks...etc
totally in love 

Sunday, July 22, 2012


night festival held near by
people dancing, laughing
children running around chasing friends

fresh sea salt arrived 
tried some on deep fried potato
i am always crazy about fried food
and eat too much

Saturday, July 21, 2012

herb book

by hearing cicadas' summery voice here and there
early in the morning, it feel like real summer hit
the ground.    getting great ideas for using many 
different kinds of herb from the book from a dear friend.  
cute drawing of rabbit makes me smile every time
when i open the book.  she is always smiling. 
thank you, alicia & haizea

Friday, July 20, 2012

blue and white thread

deep fog all over the town
rain and thunderstormy day here
at least i have some green climbing up to my window
that is always a comfort to my eyes
started working on more sashiko project with 
different color, these are my current favorite scissors
and especially the small one is very handy to
carry anywhere and works well for this kind of needle work
do you have your favorite craft material ?

off to work now rain
i will wear olive green rain boots