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Saturday, July 28, 2012


nmmm, it was too hot.  35here today.....but felt like 40℃ though. 
spent time in the morning garden, sowed lots of pink flower seed
from friends.  heat is so strong, half of my mind has melted........
but i now have new sprout in a week or two, hopefully.

to fight the summer heat, i needed something really meaty 
supper.  made sweet&sour pork.  lately, i have been making 
iced tea with lady grey.  don't know why they call it 
lady grey.  i also like earl grey too.   lots of zucchini dried this 
afternoon.  buckwheat stem trimmed and seed left in the 
airy basket for future use.   
how is your summer days?

1 comment:

  1. they are hot, hot and hot.

    i love lady grey (+ earl grey, too). but i've never had her chilled - something in me has always been fighting iced tea )