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Friday, July 20, 2012

blue and white thread

deep fog all over the town
rain and thunderstormy day here
at least i have some green climbing up to my window
that is always a comfort to my eyes
started working on more sashiko project with 
different color, these are my current favorite scissors
and especially the small one is very handy to
carry anywhere and works well for this kind of needle work
do you have your favorite craft material ?

off to work now rain
i will wear olive green rain boots


  1. i love
    the blue threads on the linen fabric!

    just checked the site to the company that sells that tea i sent you some time back and they do not ship outside of usa sad... :(

    when i was on holiday i bought some nice organic herb teas and also some spices for food. nice with some new ingredients in the kitchen : )

  2. I love your sashiko work!
    It's only been a few days but I missed checking in on you.
    Perhaps an embroidered pattern of raindrops to help you through this stormy season.
    : )
    xo, j

  3. i worked on my sashiko too :) not sure yet what i will make out of it ... but it's turning out nice !