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Thursday, July 26, 2012

gathering more seed

it's been so hot dayszzzz here.  got hat on, jumped outside
to gather more seed.  once i started collecting some seed,
i now feel that i have an obsession to collect any kind of seed
which can be preserved for next season or for other people.  

tomorrow, i have to attend work conference, sit in a small 
room all day long, no visit to open space.  without being able 
to run to outdoor space and confined in a building long hours 
makes me crazy.   i hope i won't get too crazy through. 

in addition to pink and purple morning glory,
this blue white keeps me entertain 
these days.  


  1. good luck in your meting.
    i sat those those all last week, no fun.
    i love your hat!
    will send photos of the mountains for you.
    xo, j

  2. thanks j, that is my handmade hat. hmm, that gives me an idea for next sewing project.

  3. I hope that meeting went well:)
    your flowers are so lovely

  4. @denise: they are cardiospermum seed. cute balloon plant.

  5. Yeah, meetings are no fun. I hope yours was at least with a bunch of nice people. Having a few laughs in between work makes it go so much faster.

    I walked out my front door yesterday and one of the morning glories you sent me had opened. It was a perfect rosy pink :)