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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

crape myrtle


i like crape myrtle.  the tree stands in the middle of the garden
at work.   it is created as a sky garden, but sadly, no one
seems to be interested in.  but it is okay for me as i can use
the whole garden space as tranquil place.  i often sit on the 
bench, sip ice tea during the break, take a deep breath while
sun shines so high and the trees and flowers smiling to each other.  
i look up the sky and begin day dream for few minutes before 
i go back to afternoon shift. 

the day before yesterday, i asked one of my coworker who also
love gardening if she like to join tidying up the crowded 
garden.  the space where the several herbs planted so 
close to each other, now over grown and lavender is squeezed,
has no space to grow.  the fast grown herb has invaded too much 
space for herself only.    i thought they all need a decent space 
to breath comfortably and stretch their arms and legs. 
so, we said "let's do it for 10minutes".  but you know how it goes if you 
like working in the garden.  we trimmed lots of over grown leaves
which gave them good amount of space.  
of course it went over ten minutes but felt good.
always feel so good to work in the green garden !


  1. What a lovely story! Take it as a gift, that this place is so lonely, just for you! Have a nice weekend!

  2. What a lovely tree, I understand that you often visit this garden.
    Have a nice day.

  3. I always wishe it was warm enough for crepe myrtle here, so beautiful. Glad you had a little gardening escape Coco :)