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Monday, July 30, 2012

evening garden and lemon basil

i remember chicken burger & avocado goes 
very well together and i liked it.  
tried from my old memory.  

although there are lots of mosquito waiting outside,
evening garden is great and finding lots of pleasure.  many weeks ago, 
i sowed lots of seed from all the friends, some didn't survive
this humid environment but after so many weeks, some are still
here with me and it is great to see them survived.  i am so
grateful.  harvested some lemon basil merruli sent me.  
it smells heavenly lemon fragrance basil.  love the smell. 
with this beautiful leaves, i made salsa this evening.  

homemade salsa with lemon basil 

fresh salsa on chicken burger

thanks for stoppin by my shop 


  1. Ooooh that salsa looks good. I grew lemon, lime and Thai basils this year. I love the coasters you made too. Polka dots are so fun :)

  2. Huuuummmmm! Love avocado in sandwiches, it gives them a delicious taste. Your photos make me hungry, I think tomorrow I will buy some avocados...
    Your shop is really nice, I like to visit it and look at the beautiful things you make.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment :)

  3. I like this worlwide string of cravings with avocado as the protagonist :)

    A myrrh bush in your garden could help with mosquitoes.

    Hasta pronto :)

  4. All that food looks soooo good! And your coasters are adorable!

  5. closed my eyes and imagined your garden for a moment ( but i cheated a little and left out the mosquitoes) - and i love your coasters.