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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

floral, stripe, polka dot

went to pick up some of the fabric i ordered.  nicely, 
there was a big polka dot ribbon on it and i liked it, 
so i bought that polka dot material as well in addition to 
many floral and stripe pattern. 

wait for sunshine to come back, so i can soak the material
in water and dry them under the bright sun to prevent 
the shrinkage before i start sewing them into each shape.  

carrying all those fabric and walked in the rain made
my feet wet but i am happy with new pretty fabric.

in between rain, got out to garden, harvested over grown
thyme and lace mint.  
with ginger, lemon juice, brown sugar,
i made mint tea.  

for this, i made the edge. 
so the warmer will be more durable and 
long lasting.  


  1. Those are some lovely fabrics coco!

  2. the thyme looks magnificent - ours grows so close to the ground and its stalks are tougher to withstand the heat. and you are wearing something grey and beautiful . . .