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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

flower stitches

my recent adventure i really enjoyed was to stitch
chamomile and other wild flowers on linen fabric.
i started this after discovering how much i love chamomile tea
and even sowed the seed to grow the actual
plant but that is not doing as i expected, still small
and no flowered yet.  while i wait for the real flower, 
i started making stitches on linen canvas and some 
of the pouch have departed to friend's house. 

will i ever see the chamomile flower blooming in 
my garden ?  not sure but i hope so!
until then, i will make more drawing on linen fabric.


  1. chamomile used to grow wild in the fields around our house. my mother would send me to pick the flowers so she could rinse her hair. now the area is built up and the chamomile has disappeared, it's so rare to see it in town these days. i hope the rain dries up soon . . .

  2. You will! Chamomile can be slow to get established. Takes patience sometimes, but is worth it in the end. Beautiful stitches Coco.

  3. I love chamomile too Coco. It's well width growing yourself, even though it takes a bit. The flavor of reshly dried flowers is much better. I think of all your designs this is my favorite.

  4. I love chamomile tea too! Keep at it, don't give up! I'm sure the flowers will come. I agree, the flowers look so sweet on the blue linen. xo, j