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Friday, July 13, 2012

mint tea out from the garden to dinning room

one thing at a time
knowing that there is someone who waits
it was a good support while i worked on this
can be reversible ☺
more zucchini for supper
coated with olive oil and covered with 
powdered parmesan cheese 
and then....grilled
 crazy about zucchini

late in the evening, i gathered as many different kinds
of mint in my garden
peppermint, lace mint, wild mint
and lemon balm
made it into iced mint tea 
very refreshing ♡


  1. Such a beautiful bag!
    And I love the way you make every meal so special.
    There is a simple elegance to everything you do.
    xo, j

  2. sounds refreshing! love the bag and your blog xxo

  3. a true delight looking at your photos dear coco,