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Saturday, July 14, 2012


                                           like are raindrops

how many more rainy days.....

when rain continuously day after day,
i used to get down, but having lots of plants in balcony,
here and there every where
wherever i look through the window
all the green are getting more greener than ever
and they seem very happy and healthy in rain
that gives me sense of cozy feeling and able to
stay in peace

blue salvia, yellow and orange nastatium with huge leaves
are blooming.   bitter melon is getting taller and clinging to the
window wire.  unexpected vivid velvet color of morning glory 
appeared in the vine which i thought to be pink one
was a surprised to me.
geranium!  i can never seems to remember this name.  
every time, when trying to call them, 
lazania comes up first, then i realize this is the food,
then begonia... comes up in mind next
but for some reason i notice it is not the right name
then, the moment of silence helps
i probably keep playing this game until they start blooming
maybe i should put popsicle stick with name on it

how are you surviving these rainy season?


  1. i love the stitching! this is how i spend my rainy day

  2. My plants are very jealous of your plants rain :). We had some clouds earlier and it looked like maybe, just maybe, we might get a few drops ....but then nothing.

  3. It has been raining here so much as well. But indeed, my plants are enjoying it so much . From time to time I have to make sure they don't drown in their pots, though.

  4. beautiful piece you're working on!
    xo, j

  5. beautiful design, colours . . . and i would give a lot for some of your raindrops, our garden is so thirsty.