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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

seed gathering

lots of them harvested to promote the new growth
of flower and more balloon
it's been hot days here
made iced coffee in the aternoon
sipping little bit while stitching 

flax seed from garden today
inside of this cute things, there are several small seeds in it
so happy to harvest my own seed for next season

and made french fry for afternoon snack 


  1. So many interesting and different looking plants and seeds. Those beautiful green 'balls' in your first photographs, what are they called? So precious.

    Your work is beautiful as well; would you ship to Norway?

    Many smiles,
    following on that shadowy path

  2. lilli,
    that baloon plant is "cardiospermum". one of favorite summerly plants and very popular here in japan.

  3. Hello again,
    They are truly beautiful. I wonder if they would like our cold climate.

    I just bought two pouches; one for my daughter and one for myself. She is only 3, but she loves everything pretty already; especially lilac.

    Thank you,
    I am happy,
    hope you are too.


  4. I wish I was walking down that path between the hedges right now.

  5. oh, your green balloons - i can't wait to see if they will grow in our garden. i'd wear them as a necklace and decorate the house with them.

    but now i see i should try flax seed too )


  6. you have such a green thumb ! these lovely photos make me happy and i needed that tonight