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Thursday, July 26, 2012

treating yourself

sometime i treat myself with pretty lingerie
used like sporty one but now i prefer
more feminine design with the pretty lace on it
no matter how old you are 
it gives you  positive sunshine energy ♡

i have been so lucky to have so many seeds from 
around the world.  i wasn't sure if it was good time
to sow during the middle of hot season, but couldn't 
wait, tried some.   j's ipomopsis rubra
sprout, they will soon be moved to bigger pot

some kind of pink flower(forgot the name) from alicia
sprouting here too

thanks both of you
soon i will have pink and red flower here ♪


  1. so nice to see all the seeds sprouting!

  2. They look so healthy Coco. I think one day you will have a botanical garden full of rare flowers from all over the world.

  3. Oh! I have forget the name too I think. One of them was Echinacea, but the other one? Maybe Dianthus...?
    We have a little mistery on course!

  4. It's always such an exciting moment to see the seeds growing!!
    You'll have a beautiful collection from all over the world :)