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Tuesday, July 10, 2012



so hot here today
...... am going to melt

time consuming sashiko is finally finished
feels good to finish

zucchini is working hard to get fruits 
can't wait !

i like making and eating jello
so i bought these aluminium cups to
enjoy jello during the summer
orange jello with pulp in it

very hot hot day today
linen material helps with the summer heat
i prewashed all the fabric i bought the other day
lots of linen will be used during this hot season
 shop ✾ here


  1. Here it has been cold, cold and more cold. It's been absolutely freezing. It feels surreal to hear about the heat waves in the northern hemisphere.

  2. and here, its raining all the time....:/ nice pictures again, have fun and enjoy your hot days ;)

  3. Hot here too Coco. I know that melting feeling. I'm going to have huge glass of iced tea when I get home. I hope that jello cooled you off, it looks delicious.

  4. So many beautiful, delightful things in this post! Yippee, soon you'll have some zucchini.