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Thursday, August 30, 2012

end of august

now the end of august, it really feels like summer has
ended and fall is settling down around here.  

last several days, i have no time for myself, just working
every day and saving my time off for upcoming visit to
see my father in the hospital.   i will be away for a while
from here to spend sometime with him and searching 
the best way for his recovery.  
because of this, if i received any etsy sale, those item
will be ship to you as soon as things get settled.  
i am sorry for the long waiting time, but will try to ship
by middle of september.  

thanks for your understanding


Monday, August 27, 2012

brown sugar steamed cup cake & milk

what to bake next?  if you are looking for new recipe, 
would you like to try this.   no butter needed. 
just basic ingredients you usually have at home is 
good for this steamed cup cake.  
flour:   180cc/ml (80g)
brown sugar:   200cc/ml (120g)
baking powder:   1 tsp(5cc)
milk:   2 tbs(30cc)
egg:  2
raisen or any dried fruits can be added to your choice. 

mix dry ingredients first, then add milk and egg. 
mix well.  poured into cup cake container
and steam in high heat first, then turn it 
down to medium heat for 3-5min.  
that's all. 
within few minutes, soft cup cake is ready for your 
little one.  
serve with milk ☺ 
as they might like it that way..

i hope you like it 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


first cup of coffee in green mug but didn't taste 
good enough.  made another fresh brew and poured
into my usual favorite cup.  two of favorite are 
fat and heavy one.  but feels good on hand while
holding, and coffee taste good.  it help me start the day
in good direction.  do you have favorite mugs?

i was student once.   it was very tight financially but
was craving for making and having handmade things
in my own home, bought the least expensive cotton fabric,
made stitches and sewed into kitchen towel.   it has been
washed and dried numerous times.  many years passed by,
of course the color and the quality faded though, still remains
one of most favorite towels in the kitchen today. 

whatever you spent time creating will be
your best friend for a long time..

Friday, August 24, 2012


at near by library, old magazine are given away
every once in a while,
beautiful things 
good treat to my eyes

Thursday, August 23, 2012


stars on mountain view
feels like dreaming
thanks for the beautiful card, j

Monday, August 20, 2012

coming home

maria is good at reminding us how to appreciate 
small things in life.  i like her photo of coffee cup
in her hand.  very cozy&warm image i love. 

i am thankful that i have a place to come home to
at the end of the day and relax.

got home dark night.
things waited for me when i got home.
sweet heart warming message from a friend.  i'm
lucky to have someone who appreciate my simple
handmade.    delivery note was also in my door.
i wonder where it might be from.....i can guess though.
i will call post office in the morning for delivering
the package my hand.

now, glad to be home and having
nice things waited for me.
thank you
and good night ☾

Sunday, August 19, 2012


blueberry in yogurt for breakfast this morning.
zucchini in soup for supper and take some
for lunch tomorrow.  day is getting shorter but 
the sun is still making her last effort to make
summery atmosphere.   in the garden, 
cinnamon basil are making lots of baby sprouts
and i also noticed other new sprout... 
at this time, i intentionally didn't put icecream scoop
for their name tag, i decided to enjoy the surprises
they bring.  that would be a good reason to get to
the garden in and out

Saturday, August 18, 2012

fun twice as much

 not only having a favorite pouch in the tote bag,
but also when the inside is pretty color 
or cheerful pattern, it is nice to open bag
every once in a while just to look at it ☺
do you do that too sometimes?
some new in the shop

oh, this leaf stitches.... 
i really enjoying it at the moment

Friday, August 17, 2012

comfy skirts

comfy skirts are availabl here
thanks for your interest

i made these as free size but i want to make sure
and want you to be satisfied.
so, before pay, you can always send me email
or ask me question under the comment if
you have any question




and then, there was peaceful morning
the night felt longer

the light went off all of the sudden late last night
then i saw very bright light coming through my window
i peak through..
there was fire on electric power transmission 
only couple feet away from apt
when the fireman arrived, felt so relief and i knew it's going
to be ok very soon.....
then i fell a sleep till morning
thanks to brave fire man and all the people
who worked during the night to save us
glad to open my eyes in bright sunshine and
power back to house...
so relieved 

inspiration received from j
her beautiful wild carrots

Thursday, August 16, 2012


on rainy day
thinking about raindrops falling on the ground quietly
listen to the sound of rain
you might hear soothing music 

come visit my shop here
i will meet you at shop counter

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

shop update

i made some progress on sewing today 
you can find new one's here

p.s.  it was too dark when everything is completed,
so...those photo will be taken tomorrow and post them


Monday, August 13, 2012

first instinct

believe in first instinct?
first stitch
first photo shoot
first try of new recipe
first is the best usually 

currently my house look like a one
mad sewing factory
doing last finish with sewing machine

finally done !

it rained a lot during the night and still will rain
some more today, it saved my watering time. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


as the summer deepens, i know there is lots of great sale
in town and so tempted to run.
but no matter how nice clothes i buy, i tend to wear
handmade cotton or linen clothes i made in the past
for this season.  of course, they are out of style but
there is something nice  
piles of summer wear

Friday, August 10, 2012

balloon seed

harvesting fruits and vegetable from your
own garden can be rewarding thing.
getting this many balloon can also be good.
it's like are plants gave me little present
at the end of their lives.

balloon has been dried

Thursday, August 9, 2012

early morning walk

6 am
best time of the day to take a walk

isn't it beautiful

"olive tree", i thought at first but not..
bay leaf tree

ready for fresh brewed coffee
for breakfast
hope your day start with bright sunshine too