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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

linen skirts

during the summer, i often make easy pants with linen
wear them all day long
they are so comfortable
today, i mde easy skirts instead of pair of pants
linen skirts with fine linen and cotton
they are super easy on your waist and skin
feel super comfy as you might enjoy wearing all day long

if anybody interested, i'be happy to put in my shop
free size
good length to cover your leg
good length to show your pretty feet


  1. beautiful fabrics - I love linen so much! Very pretty skirts Coco.

  2. oh, they look wonderful & so comfortable!

  3. good luck with your little shop!
    easy skirts are the best !

    i want let you know i am keeping your seeds in a safe safe place, the weather here wasn't good and my outside plants most off them did not make it, and now i am so happy i kept your seeds safe for next year.

  4. i'm keen to buy one of these skirts please x