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Sunday, August 26, 2012


first cup of coffee in green mug but didn't taste 
good enough.  made another fresh brew and poured
into my usual favorite cup.  two of favorite are 
fat and heavy one.  but feels good on hand while
holding, and coffee taste good.  it help me start the day
in good direction.  do you have favorite mugs?

i was student once.   it was very tight financially but
was craving for making and having handmade things
in my own home, bought the least expensive cotton fabric,
made stitches and sewed into kitchen towel.   it has been
washed and dried numerous times.  many years passed by,
of course the color and the quality faded though, still remains
one of most favorite towels in the kitchen today. 

whatever you spent time creating will be
your best friend for a long time..


  1. That's so true! These handmade things have so much more life in them

  2. is that passion fruit, yes I still have the first bag I ever made, I will always have it

  3. yes, passion fruit from hometown where my parents grew them every year. love the sweet and sour taste.

  4. My favorite is a small blue cup with a blue glazed wave pattern on it. I keep it at my desk and have my tea in it every morning, usually vanilla chamomile or fruit tea, sometimes green. The feel of it is very comforting, like an old friend.

  5. The things in your kitchen look so beautiful, I think you have a really good eye for things that look very natural & beautiful at the same time.

    I have two favorite mugs, both of them are big and I always drink my morning coffee from either of them, the day starts better that way. I think I might take a photo of my mugs, too, so I can show you how huge they are. :)