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Monday, August 13, 2012

first instinct

believe in first instinct?
first stitch
first photo shoot
first try of new recipe
first is the best usually 

currently my house look like a one
mad sewing factory
doing last finish with sewing machine

finally done !

it rained a lot during the night and still will rain
some more today, it saved my watering time. 


  1. love that rose color!
    and dinner looks delicious!!!
    raining here today too.
    xo, j

  2. También llueve acá... mis semillas de cardiospermum están en sus globos de color marrón guardados en frascos... en espera de la primavera...

  3. Same here Coco. No carrying watering cans this week! :)

  4. wow it looks like pouring ! plants must be happy !

    yes i do believe in instinct and first impression. aging told me i should trust them.