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Monday, August 20, 2012

coming home

maria is good at reminding us how to appreciate 
small things in life.  i like her photo of coffee cup
in her hand.  very cozy&warm image i love. 

i am thankful that i have a place to come home to
at the end of the day and relax.

got home dark night.
things waited for me when i got home.
sweet heart warming message from a friend.  i'm
lucky to have someone who appreciate my simple
handmade.    delivery note was also in my door.
i wonder where it might be from.....i can guess though.
i will call post office in the morning for delivering
the package my hand.

now, glad to be home and having
nice things waited for me.
thank you
and good night ☾


  1. Good night dear Coco,
    i'm happy that i can say you are my friend

  2. Maria has beautiful photos and she is certainly sensitive enough to know about life.
    i have noticed too that days are getting really shorter...
    enjoy your mail-surprise :)