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Friday, August 17, 2012




and then, there was peaceful morning
the night felt longer

the light went off all of the sudden late last night
then i saw very bright light coming through my window
i peak through..
there was fire on electric power transmission 
only couple feet away from apt
when the fireman arrived, felt so relief and i knew it's going
to be ok very soon.....
then i fell a sleep till morning
thanks to brave fire man and all the people
who worked during the night to save us
glad to open my eyes in bright sunshine and
power back to house...
so relieved 

inspiration received from j
her beautiful wild carrots


  1. Oh, what a scare! I'm glad everything went ok and you're well!

  2. oh that sound scary !
    glad it 's being taken care of

    what a lovely embroidery this is ! my favorite kind !

  3. So glad everything's okay now Coco. I really like the wild carrot stitches, they look just like them!

  4. so glad that you are okay!
    the wild carrots are beautiful!!!
    xo, j

  5. So these are Wild carrots!!!
    I am so honoured that you choose to send them to my home!
    Thank you Coco for your beautiful work.