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Thursday, August 2, 2012

zucchini&potato fritter recipe

for those who was wondering how i made
zucchini fritter the other day

zucchini and potato shredded
add 2-3 tbs of either starch or flour
mix them together in a bowl
then, fried with little bit of oil in a pan
cook till both side are golden brown

for the dipping souce:
soy souce and bit of vineger
it will give fresh summery taste

hope you like it


  1. oh thanks for this I shall try it! just got some massive courgettes from the allotment x

  2. @helensarahvaughan
    simple cooking but i like the fresh taste of it. i hope you enjoy whole process of summer dishes.

  3. Thanks for posting the recipe Coco :)

  4. although for diet reasons i tend to avoid fried food, this looks really good esp. with the sauce. i want to try it, definitely.