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Saturday, September 15, 2012



garden update
this summer, i kept cactus outside, in the balcony.
not only getting plenty of sun but also getting enough
amount of hydration, they seem to be healthier than ever
while i kep them indoor.  this was a big learning for me. 
they are fatter and greener because of this and have been
able to propagated some more.  now i have larger
cactus family in the garden. 

for the cactus book, i did random draw this afternoon
satu, you got the book! congratulations.
can you please send me your email address
or you can email me
i hope you will enjoy it
sorry for those who didn't get this time. 
sun drying zucchini for later use.
after being under the sun, will be
kept in the freezer for winter

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