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Thursday, September 13, 2012

breakfast time

something different from usual breakfast
naan bread and corn soup
fun to look for new breakfast ideas
what's on your table ?


  1. I've never heard of that type of bread, but it sounds delicious!

    I mostly just have sandwiches on my table, or a scrabbled egg from time to time. I should spend more time on a proper breakfast, but I often don't have the time.

  2. Ohh the naan looks delicious. :)

    For breakfast, I love drizzling honey on plain greek yogurt and putting fruit chunks in it. I usually slice up a banana or if I'm feeling adventurous, some peach slices or blueberries.

  3. i LOVE naan bread!
    last time i ate it i had the one that is called peshwari naan. it is with chopped nuts and raisins inside...SO good :)

    on my breakfast table today:
    orange juice
    green tea
    boiled eggs
    spring onion

    how pretty and fragile little flower on your table. i have some pink roses left in my garden, think i will cut them off and take them inside today to decorate my table. windy and rainy so it is an inside house day today.

    wishing you a good weekend
    hope your father is doing fine.