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Friday, September 14, 2012

autumn taste

my coffee jar became completely empty this morning
after i made one cup-full for breakfast, it gave me little push to
stop by the store to get a bag of coffee after work.  one big bag
of coffee, some vege, bread etc..
is there anything else i should get ..... i walked around and
browsed through the store, nothing extraordinary, but i
looked some more to find at least little souvenir to take
home.  then found something.  they were quietly sitting
on the very corner.  quietly! but as if they were waiting
for me to notice with brushed cheek. 
sweet autumn taste.


  1. You have a beautiful blog. I love its inherent simplicity. I am also a nature lover like you. I am from India and I am fascinated with Japan.
    have a nice day !

    1. nice to have you here and thanks for the
      lovely word.

  2. coco! what a beautiful photograph.
    so glad you found such a special treat for yourself
    they look perfectly ripe and probably taste wonderful
    have a good weekend, darling
    xo, j

    1. enjoy spoiling myself these days and nice to
      find peace in autumn air.
      much cooler tonight and my eyes are wide open
      as tonight is the night before my day off.
      i don't get whole weekend off much often but
      this time, i got lucky. am going to enjoy ...
      but oh,have gorgotten that another typhoon is
      coming here, big one this time. wish us luck.
      have a fun weekend and rest,j.♥

  3. I hope that you will have a great weekend and that that typhoon will choose another place to visit.
    Anyway, take care of you.