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Sunday, September 16, 2012

color mat

try to complete unfinished knitting i left 
here and there before starting fall project.
multi yarn knitting finally finished.  it is a
brightening addition to my kitchen

p.s.  happy birthday helen


  1. I just love your colours, all those soft, muted town earth colours and pastels. They feel so comforting and look beautiful.

    I have lots of unfinished knitting too, too much I think, I can't decide which one to finish first.

  2. you are my second birthday wish of the day (after my boyfriend), i am very touched, thank you for remembering, love your new rug and those flowers are super cute, have a lovely week xxo

  3. A lovely choice and arrangement of colors.

  4. you do beautiful knitting with subtle colors. I know embroidery but not knitting. My mother knows knitting. Congratulations to the winner of the giveaway !
    have a nice day !

  5. love the colors!
    and it must feel wonderful under your feet.
    have a lovely week, coco
    xo, j