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Monday, September 24, 2012

dinner idea

lunch i took to work the other day
what's for dinner at your house tonight?  i often ask
my coworker for menu exchange idea.  "teriyaki chicken"
she said.  i adopted half of idea and cooked teriyaki beef
tonight and for tomrorow's lunch.  i was bit stingy, bought cheapest
meat, so it was not tender, but still good with the sweet soysouce
flavor and glazed onion.   good enough!
since i often eat like a rabbit, sometimes big
protein craving storm arrives.  teriyaki would
compensate and will give me more energy to walk around.
what's on your dinner table tonight?


  1. sadly, probably just a tuna fish sandwich
    trying to save money for a camping trip soon.
    it will be worth it
    xi, j

  2. Your lunch looks so yummy!
    We will have stuffed peppers for dinner tonight.
    Have a nice week :)