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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


enjoyed emerald princess tea
from renee.  thank you.

as many of you love cactus, i am one of them. 
found this small book the other day, i would like to
share this wonderful old treasure.   
cactus handbook from 1967
found at used book store

hand size book is in japanese, but you can enjoy
the photos of many species of cactus and cute drawing.
you can leave a comment by this saturday 9/15
i hope there will be someone to adopt this old book 

closed for sigh up.


  1. i love cactus, they seem so quiet and strong in their own way. something i inspire to be.

    that book looks extremely lovely, xx

  2. what a lovely book, I am studying about succulents and the like, lovely give away x

  3. Oh!! I love old books and even more if they're about plants!!
    I'm in ;-)

  4. What a lovely little book!
    I will gladly provide it with a loving home!
    : )
    xo, j

  5. I would like to adopt it! I have some plants books in German, so why not in Japanese?

  6. What a lovely book! As a teenager while living in an old house with an ideal inside climate I grew cactuses and it was so special to have them bloom. Recently though I haven't had any cactus.

  7. Oh that's lovely. I've been thinking I'd like to give away more things via my blog. It's so exciting for me to see people enjoying the things I've sent them. :)

  8. I love gardening and would love to add this to my small collection of gardening books. I enjoy your blog and would be grateful to win this vintage treasure! Thanks Coco :)

  9. Thanks Coco for your feedback ! I love cactus, my mother grows them at home. So this wonderful book would be welcome ! I am from India , and I hope that it can be shipped in my country if I win this giveaway !
    love to you,

  10. I used to grow cactuses when I was a kid. Now I don't have any at the moment, but the book looks very inspiring... :)

  11. Believe it or not but I'm a life sciences student. And this book seems like an old locked away treasure to me. Would love to win it!! :-)

  12. Oh what a lovely giveaway! I love that it's just palm-sized, too. I'd love to do a vintage picture book exchange with you one of these days. <3

  13. I hope it´s not to late to participate in this give away.
    What a lovely book, great pictures.
    Have a nice day.

  14. i saw your message on my blog just now, i am in vacation and i don't always have enough time to go through all my messages on internet, such pretty book but i am to late for the give away. but thank you for letting me know. have a good weekend !