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Sunday, September 9, 2012

september memory

walked this small path to train station
every day for last week.  peaceful country scene
was a good comfort to me and my mother as
we commuted to the hospital in the city. 

to cheer up my father, she wanted to bring flower.
i suggest that we pick some wild flower on the way
as walk in the woods and little path. but she prefered
more elegant flower, then bought nice bouquet
at this flower shop.  when we were inside of this shop,
i thought all of you who sent me sweet message
over the past week.

to ease tired mind, seeing green and spacious field
is the best thing.   in between hospital visit, we
escaped to the counrtyside to immerse ourselves.

in this little kamakura town, lots of vine surround
the houses, garden gates, creating beautiful eye 
resting sites for lots of visitors. 

walking with my nephew to his kindergarten last two
days was fun.  little chat together was our fun time.  
he drew me two of our shared moment

at night, we went for a walk in dark which he doesn't get
to do much at home, he was thrilled of course. 
he said "you and me walking in the
pink suits at night"

the one sitting on the chair is me.  he is helping
me bath my back in the shower.   notice me is shorter than him
when he stands?  i bet he felt so proud taking care of me. 

now, i miss him dearly


  1. such a gentle soul you are...
    so glad that you are back and hope your father is doing better, I'm sure he would have loved a bouquet of wildflowers.
    such special time with your nephew, especially the walks at night.
    something he will always remember...
    much love, j

  2. I hope your Dad will soon be better. Your post reminds me to go walking in the dark with the kids. We used to do that on wednesdays ; don't ask me why ;-) ans these are such good memories...

  3. special moments that in children's minds become mythical! he will always remember.