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Saturday, September 8, 2012

so good to be home

thank you for everyone's thoughtful messages
while i was away. many days away from home and 
in and out of hospital was not fun.  but we made 
it with pretty good result in the end. 

nice to be home
sipping favorite tea


  1. delighted with your news, dear Coco. your image seems to be sighing with relief.

  2. hi coco, good news is that you came home with good results!
    I'm happy for you, rest now.

  3. i am sure you were such a needed strenght and good support for your father dear coco...been thinking so much about you, glad to hear your good news but i am sure you are tired now- take good care of yourself now sweet friend.

    is it evening repose in the cup?:o)

    warm hugs,

  4. yes♥ it is evening repose tea, favorite one. that is what i wanted as soon as i get home. such a comfort tea.
    thank you vibeke.