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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a day

                                                                                                                                                      lemon basil
lots of cleaning and time in the garden 
nothing extravagant but doing ordinary things
feel so much better this evening and relaxed
the air feel much cooler in the evening
as i left the door open, i can hear homoeogryllus japonicus singing 
in the night light, soothing sound, this is one of 
favorite moment
did you hear any naturing sound today?

recently ordered herb and aromatic products
arrived this afternoon.  smells so lovely.  
lavender shampoo, eucalyptus handsoap, 
rosemary soap, etc.....i have forgotten spoiling
myself like this for a long time and what a great 
feeling again

contemplating whether to have herb tea or 
coffee now after supper.....
maybe, will have both!  
good night to all and good morning to those
who are on the other side of me.
sure, wonderful day is there for you


  1. I am wondering where to get lemon basil... this surely tastes great!

    1. not sure. maybe you can go online?
      i just typed in "lemon basil seed" and this one
      poped up.

    2. barbara, i am going to try to harvest the
      seed. if succeed, will let you know.

    3. Thank you so much for the note! Maybe I will get some for next summer season! Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  2. sounds like a lovely, quiet evening.
    xo, j

    1. quiet time is what i most needed last 3weeks
      and now happy to have that

  3. Replies
    1. with all the harvest from my own garden,
      i am doing better. thanks alicia

  4. sweet dreams=Kauniita unia, (täälläpäin maailmaa mennään nukkumaan :))Lovely things you wrote ♥

    1. thanks heidi. i think my relaxed mind has back
      and it helps me write in more calm tone.
      have a great weekend!

  5. I'm so glad to see you harvesting and using the basil. I hope you will get a good amount of seed from them.

    This was a really lousy summer for pumpkins in Finland, too cold and rainy, but the buckwheat is still in bloom.

    1. oh, i really am still enjoying your basil. they are
      my comfort plant at the moment. smells heavenly and
      taste fantastic.
      i am going to save the seed, hope it will succeed.
      thanks so much for this garden joy you kindly
      shared with me.

  6. You should spoil yourself more often. You deserve all the happiness.

    And, thank you for your last comment. It would have been so fun to show you all the beautiful antique shops here. You would love it.

    1. it feels nice to reward self once in a while. i will
      try to do more often^^.
      thanks renee. hope your weekend is filled with

  7. oh how nice to see the products that you mentioned to me!! and how wonderful to hear that you are enjoying them so much : )

    i think there is so much relaxation, refreshment and upliftment to be found through scents.. what are your favourite scents coco?
    some of mine is
    orange blossom, rose, jasmine and lavender : ) and eucalyptus always helps me if i have a cold or headache...
    i will buy some new scented candles soon, a must have on dark autumn evenings.


  8. my favorite...oh, i have so many.
    lavender i am in love at the moment definitely.
    orange blossom is one of mine too,lemon grass, thyme, eucalyptus, mint,
    sweet rose smell too...
    now, i am totally coated with lavender fragrance and it really makes
    me feel rich. nice to be surrounded with wonderful smell.
    oh, the scented candle is great especially for rainy days. it cheers you
    up and put you in a dreamy mood. the mixture of lavender&mint candle from
    friend long time ago became my current favorite. enjoy candle hunting v.