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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

autumn day

it smells like lemongrass, basil slowly making seed.  
small baby pink flower
lost truck of it's name.  anyone knows
her name?  

physostegia virginiana                            salvia microphylla

bitter melon didn't do well this year.  this is the 
last and only one made it through to give
me some seed
my bitter melon is growing in hans green
house far far away from here too take a
look at his garden blog.  there are many beautiful
things in his part of world. 


from evening walk



  1. dear coco

    beautiful post!
    cheers up my day
    I love you apron
    and lunch-bags
    thank you for your
    sweet words


  2. really lovely botanical post :)
    I have Salvia microphylla too, it is a very delicate and pretty plant.

  3. That basil must be the lemon basil Ocinum basilicum Citriodorum. The bitter melon looks so intriguing, actually very beautiful.