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Sunday, October 21, 2012

cacao bag

the corner of my garden           
am on multiple projects at the moment           

cacao color fabric i received recently became
cacao tote bag.  
and for the lining, the fabrice i received long time ago
i was waiting for the perfect time, perfect item for this
all of the sudden, the idea hit

i will carry this every day to work
during the fall and winter month
lunch and some sweet for desert
will be carried in this bag


  1. ;^))

    this fabric has been waiting years
    on a shelf
    for you!

    you made a fine piece!!

    happy weekend dear coco
    with love
    Patrice A.

  2. Beautiful bag! Love the fabrics you have chosen.

  3. i am so glad to see that you have used the fabric coco : )
    you are always creating such beautiful pieces,
    a talented woman you are!
    and when i see something cacaocolored now i notice that i always think of you.

    i have just finished a knitted thing today, a christmas present for a relative.
    very foggy outside and it is raining again after some hours without...the weather is predicted
    to be very nice the coming week: no rain and sun.

    sending hugs,

  4. beautiful bag
    the fabrics work so well together and it looks like a little boat!
    your garden is still going strong
    well loved plants are reluctant to end the season.
    have a beautiful week dear friend
    xo, j

  5. lovely bag! IF you were spanish we could go for nice picnics :)
    I am very busy these days but the next week I will prepare a little parcel
    for you .