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Friday, October 19, 2012

cinnamon & curtain

to get more warmth and comfy feeling in the kitchen,
curtain being replaced yesterday evening.  it totally have
different atmosphere with it's brightness and warm color.
every once in a while lately, cinnamon crave comes. 
sunny morning like this is the perfect
day for simple easy breakfast. 
cinnamon/day will give your cheek a good smile.
my old curtain i had for two years in the kitchen window. 
my handmade little curtain, i am so attached to this little one. 
i am keeping this for my own comfort for a long while
behind that new curtain.  this way, in the morning,
when i open the new curtain, this old charming lace will
show up as if we meet again every morning.
good morning


  1. it is amazing what a difference curtains can make aesthetically and with keeping heat in, looks beautiful and perfect for these cooling days x

    1. i am going to enjoy the warmth of it
      this winter.

  2. there is something so lovely about light through lace
    and the new curtain will certainly make your room glow pink
    have a great day coco.
    xo, j

  3. i like the colour of your new one.

  4. it's true, a curtain can change the whole atmosphere of a room. Have a nice weekend!