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Friday, October 26, 2012

potential life

we tend to pay attention to virtual flowers when they 
treated us with their freshness and colorfulness and are 
good treat to our eyes and soul.  
 then, when the season ends, forget about what happen to 
those pretty flowers afterwards, and our basic attention move on 
to fall and christmas activity.  but here is what i found today.  

in these tiny tiny seeds
i am finding serenity and hope
and beauty
what do you see?

p.s. i love seeds....


  1. hidden secrets yet to be revealed
    patience and the promise of what is to come...
    your photos are beautiful!
    especially love the first one
    xo, j

    1. thank you. i am so crazy about
      the seeds.

  2. These are lovely, Coco! I wish I had more of a green thumb. :)

    1. all i do is to water and go see my
      plants face to face as often i get a chance.