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Thursday, October 4, 2012

red tiptoe


walking toward grocery store in the evening, was pretty dark out there,
little boy approached, he noticed me before i realized
that was him.  riding his bicycle on his way back trying to hurry up
after playing with friends.  he is now much taller.  nervously looked at
his watch, "better hurry to get home".  my nephew was trying
to get home on time for dinner before his mother called him. 
i am sure he made it and walked into the house with big smile
with his very first, blue green watch on his wrist. 
after dinner, looked through the window.   strange
looking moon...
nm, i have forgotten to look at the moon in the
evening sky for a while till tonight.   
red tiptoe room shoes is done ☺


  1. Thank you Coco for leaving such a nice message !!

    ~~Aina ~

  2. Coco, this reads like poetry. Beautiful. I have missed your blog. It has made me happy on returning to find you again.

  3. lovely little tiptoe shoes. the moon can be so delightful and curious x

  4. You are so lovely!
    Thia story was full of joy .thank you coco.

  5. they are perfect, cozy - like the story.