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Sunday, October 14, 2012

soup and jazz

when it gets cold outside
when feeling sick
simple soup is the best

not much to cook in the fridge at the moment
don't feel like cooking much either tonight
easy soup with whatever was in there

saw jazz band playing at mini theater today
good music and atmosphere
i used love jazz 
listened all the time
sit at the cafe where the live jazz floats 


  1. in our house, it's also soup...but not jazz...
    it's mickey mousse...not relaxant...!
    have a good day ^^

  2. mmmm looks delicious, I'm doing the same today too, soup, warm my toes x

  3. sorry you are a bit under the weather too
    must be the change of seasons
    but i'm glad you were able to get out and listen to some music.
    rest up, dear one
    xo, j