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Monday, October 15, 2012

words of kindness

the bus i take to work every morning,
"thank you" comes out from my mouth when i get off
then, most of the time, i hear silence
the other day,
i heard sparkling voice from the driver
"take care and good day", the words i heard that morning
i thought
oh, beautiful
....sense of relief
nm, nice to know there is still some heart warming people around
realizing, little kind words, thoughtfulness
can give someone a good smile
my soul tonight is in a very good place
feel good thing is coming
have you said "thank you" to some stranger today?


  1. because i work in a retail store it's my job to say thank you to strangers
    but i also make it a point to say thank you to the people i work with every day.
    thank you to you for your lovely blog
    xo, j

    1. thank you for your warm response
      to my story. you feeling any better J?

  2. such a small and simple think, a few words, or just one can have such a profound affect xxo

  3. always, dear Coco, and yes, often the silence is deafening
    but as they say in my country 'do something good, then throw it in the sea',
    that is expect nothing in return. and if something comes, well then that's a little miracle
    to be celebrated, like your nice bus driver )


  4. i say thank you to the bus drivers here, too.
    most of them respond! it takes courage for me to speak usually, bcos i know my voice is low and
    they perhaps will not hear it.


  5. thank YOU coco for sharing this photo where i get to
    see both a card and tea from me in your cosy home...makes me happy : )